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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of America (SBTCA), the AKC parent club founded in 1974, welcomes you to its website! We encourage you to explore links that will tell you more about this very special breed of dog, the responsibilities and the joys of owning a Stafford, and more about the club and its activities.


2018 National Specialty and Weekend of Events!!


“In The Net” Event Center

May 24th to May 27th – Palmyra, Pennsylvania


Performance Events, National Specialty, Top Twenty, Regional Specialties, Banquet, Juniors, Futurity!!   All in one place!!

TENTATIVE PLANS(pending AKC approval, and finalization of dates, locations and times)

Thursday May 24th
- Obedience, Rally, CAT/FAST CAT (not yet confirmed which or both), Meet and Greet (BBQ outside by RVs), Annual Meeting*

Friday, May 25th
– SBTCA Regional Specialty with Sweeps, Juniors, Health Testing, 2 Agility Trials, and Top Twenty

Saturday, May 26th
– SBTCA National Specialty with Sweeps, Juniors, Futurity, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Banquet and Auction, Annual Meeting*, Annual Awards, Running Slide during dinner – more information to come!!

Sunday, May 27th
– SBTCA Supported Entry with Sweeps, 2 AKC Scent Work trials (containers), Barn Hunt (not yet confirmed).

*Official Annual Meeting date, time and location notification pending.


Stay Tuned!  More to come… like Host Hotel, Judges, etc!!  This is just a preliminary list to let you know plans are in the works!!



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