Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of America

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of America (SBTCA), the AKC parent club founded in 1974, welcomes you to its website! We encourage you to explore links that will tell you more about this very special breed of dog, the responsibilities and the joys of owning a Stafford, and more about the club and its activities.

Lots of events coming up around the country, so mark your calendars! More information to be posted soon...

Alaska - SBTCA Regional. - August 20th
Washington - SBTCPS Specialties - August 26th & 27th
Minnesota -  SBTCA Supported Entry in September
New York - NESBTC "Classic" 9/30-10/1
Pennsylvania - Hatboro Dog Show 10/6-10/7
Pennsylvania - Devon Dog Show - 10/8/16
Pennsylvania - Montgomery County Dog Show 10/9/16
Iowa - SBTCA Supported Entry in October
Maryland - PSBTC - Stafford Extravaganza - April 2017

2017 National Specialty weekend is slated for Las Vegas in late March 2017!

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